In the module “Orders (CSV, Excel) Export PRO” (ordersexport) from MyPrestaModules for PrestaShop, an anonymous user can perform SQL injection up to 5.0. Release 5.0 fixed this security issue.


  • CVE ID: CVE-2023-40923
  • Published at: 2023-11-09
  • Advisory source:
  • Vendor: PrestaShop
  • Product: ordersexport
  • Impacted release: < 5.0 (5.0 fixed the vulnerability)
  • Product author: MyPrestaModules
  • Weakness: CWE-89
  • Severity: critical (9.8)


Before 5.0, sensitives SQL calls in class send.php can be executed with a trivial http call and exploited to forge a blind SQL injection throught the POST or GET submitted “key” or “save_setting” variables.

CVSS base metrics

  • Attack vector: network
  • Attack complexity: low
  • Privilege required: none
  • User interaction: none
  • Scope: unchanged
  • Confidentiality: high
  • Integrity: high
  • Availability: high

Vector string: CVSS:3.1/AV:N/AC:L/PR:N/UI:N/S:U/C:H/I:H/A:H

Possible malicious usage

  • Obtain admin access
  • Steal/Remove data from the associated PrestaShop
  • Copy/paste data from sensitive tables to FRONT to expose tokens and unlock admins’s ajax scripts
  • Rewrite SMTP settings to hijack emails


--- a/ordersexport/send.php
+++ b/ordersexport/send.php
@@ -170,7 +170,7 @@ try {
     $config = array();
     $config = Tools::unserialize(Configuration::get('GOMAKOIL_EXPORT_ORDERS_SETTINGS','', $default_shop_group_id, $default_shop_id));
     $key = Tools::getValue('key');
-    Db::getInstance()->delete('exported_order', 'settings="'.trim($key).'"');
+    Db::getInstance()->delete('exported_order', 'settings="'.pSQL($key).'"');
     $config_save =serialize($config);
     Configuration::updateValue('GOMAKOIL_EXPORT_ORDERS_SETTINGS', $config_save, false, $default_shop_group_id, $default_shop_id);
@@ -314,7 +314,7 @@ try {
       $automatic = Tools::getValue('automatic');
       $not_exported = Tools::getValue('not_exported');
       if(isset($automatic) && $automatic && isset($not_exported) && $not_exported ){
-        Db::getInstance()->delete('exported_order', 'settings="'.trim(Tools::getValue('save_setting')).'"');
+        Db::getInstance()->delete('exported_order', 'settings="'.pSQL(Tools::getValue('save_setting')).'"');
       $json['success'] = $ordersexport->l('Data successfully saved!', 'send');

Other recommendations

  • It’s recommended to upgrade to the latest version of the module ordersexport.
  • Upgrade PrestaShop to the latest version to disable multiquery executions (separated by “;”) - be warned that this functionality WILL NOT protect your SHOP against injection SQL which uses the UNION clause to steal data.
  • Change the default database prefix ps_ with a new longer, arbitrary prefix. Nevertheless, be warned that this is useless against blackhats with DBA senior skill because of a design vulnerability in DBMS
  • Activate OWASP 942’s rules on your WAF (Web application firewall), be warned that you will probably break your backoffice and you will need to pre-configure some bypasses against this set of rules.


Date Action
2022-10-09 Issue discovered during a code reviews by 202 ecommerce
2022-10-10 Contact the author
2022-10-10 The author confirm the latest release is already fixed
2023-08-15 Request a CVE ID
2023-10-11 Received CVE ID
2023-11-09 Publication of this security advisory