In the module “SocialFeed - Photos & Video/Reels using Instagram API” (boninstagramcarousel) up to version 6.0.0 from Bon Presta for PrestaShop, an anonymous user can perform a Server-Side Request Forgery (SSRF).


  • CVE ID: CVE-2023-43982
  • Published at: 2023-11-02
  • Platform: PrestaShop
  • Product: boninstagramcarousel
  • Impacted release: >= 5.2.1 & <= 6.0.0 (7.0.0 fixed the vulnerability)
  • Product author: Bon Presta
  • Weakness: CWE-918
  • Severity: critical (9.1)


An improper validation of the url parameter in the insta_parser.php script can be executed via a trivial HTTP call to forge Server-Side Request.

This vulnerability can be exploited to initiate an HTTP request and get the return, for instance, use the vulnerable website as a proxy to attack other websites, exfiltrate data in files under IP restriction or perform a path traversal attack.

Since it’s a design issue, we cannot provide a patch, you should consider upgrading or deleting the module.

CVSS base metrics

  • Attack vector: network
  • Attack complexity: low
  • Privilege required: none
  • User interaction: none
  • Scope: unchanged
  • Confidentiality: high
  • Integrity: high
  • Availability: none

Vector string: CVSS:3.1/AV:N/AC:L/PR:N/UI:N/S:U/C:H/I:H/A:N

Possible malicious usage

  • Attack other websites via the vulnerability
  • Bypass WAF/.htaccess restrictions
  • Perform a path traversal attack using the wrapper : file://

Other recommendations

  • It’s recommended to upgrade the module to its latest version
  • You should restrict access to modules/boninstagramcarousell/controllers/back/ to a given whitelist
  • Activate OWASP 931’s rules on your WAF (Web application firewall), be warned that you will probably break your frontoffice and your backoffice and you will need to pre-configure some bypasses against these sets of rules.


Date Action
2023-08-04 Issue discovered during a code review by Ambris Informatique and TouchWeb
2023-08-04 Contact PrestaShop Addons security Team to confirm version scope by author
2023-08-21 PrestaShop Addons security Team confirm versions scope by author
2023-09-21 Request a CVE ID
2023-09-28 Received CVE ID
2023-11-02 Publish this security advisory