In the module “Cdesigner” (cdesigner) up to 3.2.1 (3.2.2 fix the issue), a guest can upload files with extensions .php.+ (like .php7)

Note : .php extension is correctly block so it will be harmless for most servers’s setups.


  • CVE ID: CVE-2023-27033
  • Published at: 2023-04-06
  • Advisory source: Friends-Of-Presta
  • Platform: PrestaShop
  • Product: cdesigner
  • Impacted release: > 3.1.3, <= 3.2.1 (3.2.2 fix the issue)
  • Product author: Prestaeg
  • Weakness: CWE-434
  • Severity: critical (10)


Important : If you use default configuration for your server, you should be safe - which should be the case of the majority of servers, so don’t worry too much about this CVE.

We are forced to tag it as critical since it will be critical for some setups, but for the majority, it should be completly harmless.

You can check if you are vulnerable by uploading files with extensions : .php3 / .php4 / .php5 / .php7 / .php8 with this content : <?php echo (21+21); - when you make a HTTP call against theses files, if you do not see 42, all is OK else, you service is vulnerable, contact without delay your hoster.

The method CdesignerSaverotateModuleFrontController::initContent() misuses strpos which can lead to upload .phpX files, depending on your server’s setup, which will lead to a critical vulnerability CWE-94.

This exploit is actively exploited in the wild

WARNING : If your service is vulnerable, be warn that this exploit will bypass some WAF (base64 payloads)

CVSS base metrics

  • Attack vector: network
  • Attack complexity: low
  • Privilege required: none
  • User interaction: none
  • Scope: changed
  • Confidentiality: high
  • Integrity: high
  • Availability: high

Vector string: CVSS:3.1/AV:N/AC:L/PR:N/UI:N/S:C/C:H/I:H/A:H

Possible malicious usage

  • Obtain admin access
  • Remove data from the associated PrestaShop
  • Steal data


--- 3.1.8/cdesigner/controllers/front/saverotate.php
+++ 3.2.2/cdesigner/controllers/front/saverotate.php

+		$allowed = array('jpg', 'jpeg', 'png');
 		$found = false;
 		$not_allowed =array('.zip','.rar','.html','.tar','.php','.exe','.js','.py','.jsp','.asp','.txt', '.pht','.phtml', '.shtml', '.asa', '.cer', '.asax', '.swf', '.xap');
-		if ($img != '')
+		if ($img != '' && in_array( $ext, $allowed ))
 			$decoded = base64_decode(str_replace('data:image/'.$ext.';base64,', '', $img));
 			file_put_contents(dirname(__FILE__).'/../../views/img/upload/_'.$dates.'.'.$ext, $decoded);
+		} else {
+			echo 'Suspect Operation !!!';
+			exit();

Other recommendations

  • It’s recommended to apply patch without delay if your setup is vulnerable
  • You must not allowed PHP Interpreter on anything than files with an extension strictly equal to “.php”.


Date Action
2023-02-19 Issue discovered after a security audit by TouchWeb
2023-02-19 Contact PrestaShop Addons security Team
2023-02-19 Request CVE ID
2023-02-27 Addons security Team confirm author provide a patch for PS 1.6 and PS 1.7/8.0
2023-04-06 Publication of the security advisory without delay : exploit is actively used